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Veja is the Portuguese word for 'look'. Looking beyond just the use is what Veja is known for. After a visit to a Chinese factory, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, founders of Veja, decided it was time for a change and to step outside the footsteps of fast fashion. With this vision, they founded Veja in Brazil, the country that has all the raw materials for the production of shoes, and the working conditions are very good.

'Looking beyond the sneakers'

Due to the openness of the brand itself about the production of the sneakers, Veja receives a lot of media attention. With the use of local raw materials, recycled materials, and their transparency about what they pay the workers, the brand has built an immense image.

At a time where organic, ecological, vegan and sustainable are increasingly central, Veja is indispensable in our collection of sneakers.


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