Reebok Hot Ones Classic leather legacy

Reebok Hot Ones Classic leather legacy

Looking for new cool kicks? We'll have another hot couple for you soon! 🔥 Reebok has entered into a collaboration with the increasingly popular YouTube series Hot Ones by Complex! This shoe is the definition of fire and is the suitable “Last dab” for your outfit.

The sneaker is already a sight to look at, but that is not the only thing that makes this shoe so special. In addition to the extreme comfort of the shoe due to the fabrics used, this pair has quite a story. They are also called "The Thirst Quencher", but more about that later!

For those who don't know it yet, Hot Ones is the famous YouTube show with hot questions and even hotter chicken wings, as presenter Sean Evans puts it so beautifully. In each episode, the host is joined by a celebrity who is challenged to eat ten hot chicken wings during the interview. Although this does not seem too difficult at first glance, there is a catch that makes it more difficult: the chicken wings become increasingly spicy.

The Thirst Quencher

So, where exactly does this name come from? The inspiration for the shoe can be found in the water and milk that guests drink to enjoy the heat of the chicken wings to suppress. The last flames on the sneaker are extinguished by the ice outsole and the frozen water graphics that can be seen on the side. Furthermore, the tongue has a unique label that represents the water bottles that are frequently refilled. Finally, the insole is completely custom and features a mosaic of hot wings, sauce and cooling drinks.

Will these be your new favorite couple? They will be available on our website from Thursday!

Reebok Hot Ones Classic leather legacy

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