Puma Mirage MOX Kidsuper "Forever Blue"

Puma Mirage MOX Kidsuper
"Everything is possible"

“Anything is possible” Wise words from a 15-year-old boy named Cole Dillane who started a T-shirt line under the name Kidsuper. He would later become known as a major clothing designer who managed to dress fashion icon Young Thug and Mac Miller, among others. Today he is releasing a new Mirage Mox together with Puma in his recognizable childish style, once again creating something groundbreaking.

After several successful releases from Puma and Kidsuper, this innovative sneaker has hit the mark again and the attention to detail is truly unique in its kind. The form strip has been given a tear-off finish and the stitching is clearly visible, making the shoe appear to be still in the middle of the design process. In addition, the last lace eye looks a lot like an eye. Something that Kidsuper often uses in their garments.

The sneaker is available on our website for all lovers of this exclusive shoe. Shop now by pressing the image below.

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