Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal"

Nike Air Max 95 EOI
Wowwww, what a color composition! Nike has just released another one of their most famous models, the Air Max 95, in a very cool color composition. They have not only used various neon colors, but also different materials ranging from mesh to corduroy. The shoe really speaks for itself due to its daring character.

The great thing about this color composition is that the dark-light contrast pays enormous tribute to the original Air Max 95, which was also made up of various gray tones and a striking neon color as a counterpoint.

The Air Max 95

The Nike silhouette dates from 1995 (Duhh) and was seen at the time as a turning point for the sneaker world. Tinker Hatfield, known for the Nike Air Max 1, was a large part of Nike's design team at the time and had the condition that a shoe had to have a story. When the Air Max 95 was presented to him, he was pleasantly surprised, because the design process was mainly inspired by the human body. Starting with the sole, which, like a spine, consists of sturdy and cushioning parts. Furthermore, the layers used in the shoe are inspired by the muscle mass of people and the ribs ultimately had a major influence in the design of the lacing system.

Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal" DD1502-001

Nike Air Max 95 EOI "Light Charcoal" DD1502-001

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