Karhu Legacy '96 x Moomin "A Proper Introduction"

Karhu Legacy '96 x Moomin

Last month Karhu teased you with the release of the Karhu x Moomin Aria 95. Clearly they couldn't stop there, so now Karhu is launching 5 more Moomin colab sneakers to love! This collection not only contains more sneakers for adults, but also introduces the Karhu Kids collection.

For those unfamiliar with Moomin, it's time for "A Proper Introduction" to the Moomin family, their close friends and Moomin graphics. We want to introduce you to the beautiful logo, which is made from typography designed by the creator of Moomin, Tove Jansson.

Moomin artworks are known for being used in fabric designs, and Tove Jansson created one himself, which features heavily in this collection. This specific design was commissioned in the 1970s by the Finnish textile company and Karhu employee Finlayson.

Finnish photographer Mona Salminen captured Karhu & Moomin's emerging collaboration at the world's only Moomin museum, located in Tampere, Southern Finland. Original artwork by author/artist Tove Jansson and 3D tableaus by graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä were used as background designs for the photo shoot in this non-traditional museum.

The Karhu x Moomin "A Proper Introduction" collection will be launched on Saturday March 21st on SneakerBAAS.nl and you can now register for draw via Launches.SneakerBAAS.com!

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