KangaROOS x Superplum

KangaROOS x Superplum

The "grandparents" for the Superplum are the landraces from the village of Bottenbach . For about 30 years they have been producing plums from a huge mountain using traditional recipes and special methods in a large copper cauldron for a delicious plum jam. The color of the KangaROOS Superplum therefore fits perfectly with plums. In addition, there is a special surprise for each couple: a glass of the original Bottenbach jam. 

The Superplum is part of the autumn/ winter collection and is partly made from recycled plastic bottles! The PET Tec Mesh is a new technology that can save up to 50% of usual CO2 emissions. It also reduces waste, burns energy and lowers exhaust fumes. On the Upper there is a combination of the PET Tec Mesh and calfskin from Italy. 

Dynacoil is a shock-absorbing and energy-recycling system built into the soles of KangaROOS sneakers. The base material was developed by NASA and used in the Apollo flights for shock absorption in the astronauts' boots. Dynacoil is a tubular fabric of interlocking, resilient nylon threads. It is very light and incredibly stable, allowing you to stand comfortably and securely in your sneakers. 

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