BOSS Meets: The cunning fox

BOSS Meets: The cunning fox

Over the past two years, De Sluwe Vos has been working relentlessly to create a new, fully analogue live show in which he plays brand new material. We at SneakerBAAS visited him in his own home to learn more about his life and how sneakers play a role in it.

After years of performing at Lowlands, he built a strong bond with visitors to Dutch festivals. So the last time he played, the so-called Dutch prodigy brought half of his studio to the stage with synthesizers and drum machines and laid down 60 minutes of raw house and techno that brought the infamous Bravo Cathedral to an intense finale.

Sneakers play an important role in his career as an artist. Not only do sneakers make him feel comfortable, they also provide comfort during his performances and around them. The Sluwe often does not think about which pair he takes, he knows which one he finds comfortable and takes the nearest one.

In the video he tells a story about his search for a specific record, what motivates him to keep learning and he shows some of his own work.

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