Karhu collection

Karhu collection
All I want is Karhu 😍

An excellently executed combination between subtle and bright colors? That can only mean one thing... We have another big Karhu collection! This time they have provided us with 5 very beautiful pairs using a combination of calm gray tones and splashing pink color. The collection will drop in selected retailers on Friday, March 12, so make sure you visit our website on time if you want to get your pair.

What's in the box?

The new collection consists of three Fusion 2.0s, one Legacy 96 and a Synchron Classic. Three of Karhu's most coveted models, whose color composition makes for a super refreshing collection. By using various materials, Karhu has managed to develop a pair of beautiful pairs that preserve both style and comfort.

Have you been looking for a refreshing pair? They are now available on the website, so if you can't wait any longer, we encourage you to continue shopping by clicking on one of the photos below!

Karhu sneakers F802660 F804100 – FUSION 2.0

KArhu F804098 – FUSION 2.0

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