Kangaroos and Bisso did it!

After going to the Pyrenees to fish for rainbow trout in its natural environment,
Bisso simply stayed in Toulouse (4th largest city in France) in an urban environment to practice «Street Fishing».

“Street Fishing” is a playful sporting concept that uses a fishing rod and lure to attack the city's waters and the fish that shelter them.
The waters of the concrete jungle often hide a rich and varied fauna. It is in this urban environment surrounded by gray concrete buildings or made of orange bricks typical of southern France that Bisso found inspiration.

On the banks of the Canal du Midi, he quickly sets off in search of carnivores such as trout, bass or pike with his bicycle, his carrying bag, his fishing rod and some lures.
It is this entire universe of concrete and nature that inspired Bisso to use shades of gray that are characteristic of the city and the trout.
The whole is enhanced by pink/orange accents on the fish and green that is reminiscent of the colors of water.

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