Hi-Tec Sneakers

Hi-Tec Sneakers

Hi-Tec was founded in 1974 in England (Essex) by a Dutchman named Frank van Wezel. The office is currently located in the Netherlands. Hi-Tec is mainly known for its lightweight walking shoe, this also became Hi-Tec's most important success. Frank van Wezel moved to the Netherlands for his studies and fell in love with squash and tennis. This led to his involvement in the sports shoe industry where he introduced the first dedicated squash shoe. This led to the founding of Hi-Tec Sports. The Hi-Tec brand started to focus on the perfect walking and running sneaker. To this day, this is still the most important thing for Hi-Tec. Most Hi-Tec sneakers are recognizable by their slim silhouettes with a strong eye for detail and durability. Inspired by life, sports brand Hi-Tec designs modern walking and sports shoes for young and old. They provide the support and comfort that every foot needs, so that injuries are prevented.

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