BOSS Meets: Giulia Pelizzaro

BOSS Meets: Giulia Pelizzaro

We present you our brand new BAAS Tee "Non-profit series", designed by artist Giulia Pelizzaro and in collaboration with Shop Around Amsterdam. The design is based on currency signs. For example, the B is the B of bitcoin, the A is an upside-down Japanese Yen and the S is a dollar sign. The shirts will be sold exclusively during these three weeks via our launches website and all proceeds will go to Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland!

The entire collab is in collaboration with our homies from Shop Around Amsterdam & Giulia Pelizzaro:
Would you like some extra information about the design and the designer; Giulia Pelizzaro ? Then check out our latest BAAS Meets interview with Giulia Pelizzaro below.

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