SneakerBAAS x KangaROOS "Windmill Pack"

SneakerBAAS x KangaROOS

SneakerBAAS and KangaROOS are once again joining forces to continue the legendary partnership. We are proud to announce our new collaboration “The Windmill ” pack, featuring two unique handmade colorways , the Deadbird and the “ Turtle ”. 

"Every day before sunrise the Miller would walk to work : an eye-catching green, yellow and ed sawmill . The Miller worked there with joy and pride . He loved his life and his job more than anything . Before walking home each night , he would stop and talk with the turtle who lived in a nearby pond. Every day the Miller seemed prouder than the day before . 

However , one day the miller went home without uttering a word to the turtle , his face filled with anger . The following day , feeling concerned for his friend , the turtle the mill to find it overwhelmed with birds . With his mill in despair , the Miller looked on in shock and panic . Ultimately , the Miller snapped and started placing sharp blades on the wings of the mill . He wanted to kill the birds so that they would never threaten him again . Miraculously it worked ! Dead birds started falling from the skies as the Miller cheered with delight. 

Slowly , the Miller returned to his beloved mill . He was overjoyed . Every evening after work the Miller would visit his friend the turtle , and each evening they would laugh and smile together ." 

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